Kyle Barnett

Goodwill Scholarship Winner

I first want to thank Dr. DeSimone and the Charity for Champions team for awarding me this scholarship for all of my hard work throughout my four years. This recognition means so much to me in so many different ways. This scholarship allows me to make the very most out of my four years at college by giving me the financial independence to take my learning overseas, take interesting classes, and become a more well-rounded individual. This scholarship could not have come at a better time as my mother’s law firm recently had to downsize which resulted in her losing her job. This award has helped to alleviate some of the trauma my family has faced. In addition to the aforementioned reasons, this scholarship empowers me to do more, it means that my effort and unwavering determination in all things has been recognized and it is the best feeling in the world. While the university I am attending has changed from Florida State University to The University of Florida, my future plans remain constant.  At UF, I plan to become a part of student government (I plan to run for a position in my first year), I want to engage in deeper learning through research with a professor, I want to found a fundraiser/group at my university, and I would love to experience my Jewish roots with a birthright trip to Israel with my university.  

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Lauren Peter

Goodwill Scholarship Winner

I can’t thank Dr. DeSimone enough for selecting me as the recipient for the Goodwill Scholarship. It’s an honor that he would consider me to be one of his candidates for his Charity for Champions and an even bigger honor to that I became a recipient. This scholarship will assist me to further pursue my life goal of becoming a veterinarian. It will help to significantly contribute to the cost of books and supplies that I will need at the University of Florida.

Camila Tussie

Academic Achievement Award Honorable Mention

I’m currently attending Stanford University where I am majoring in Biological Engineering. After my undergraduate studies, I dream of attending Dental School. Charity for Champions has proved to me the importance of balancing both athletics and academics, opening my eyes to both being not only possible, but complementary to each other. I am extremely grateful for being recognized and am so incredibly thankful to Dr. DeSimone for the honor.

Tiffany Su

Academic Achievement Award Honorable Mention

I am thankful and honored to be recognized and awarded a scholarship for my academic achievement. I will be attending Georgia Tech and majoring in  either environmental or biomedical engineering. After I obtain my college degree, I not only intend to pursue a career in engineering, but also participate in Engineering Without Borders. I believe in giving back to community, and I want to dedicate my time and efforts towards service in the future. I am extremely grateful that the scholarship will help cover some of the financial cost of my tuition, because it will lessen the financial burden on my family. Charity for Champions has made it possible for me to pursue my dreams of a college education.

Kevin Iber

Most Improved Athlete Award Winner

I have always wanted to be an accountant or businessman. I plan on becoming an accountant for a well-known business. This scholarship means the world to me, and I am so glad to have received it. It makes it even better that it is titled “Most Improved”. This scholarship really motivates me and pushes me to improve even more, and become the best person I could be.

Sakira Corchado

Goodwill Scholarship Honorable Mention

I am incredibly thankful for being nominated for this award. I will be attending Broward College in June and although I haven’t decided on a specific major I know I will be led down the right academic path to discover a passion by the time I transfer. The scholarship allows some financial burdens to be lifted off my shoulder and help focus more on my education. It’s been an honor to be a recipient.

Martin Vivas-Gonzalez

Artistic Achievement Award Honorable Mention

I would first like to express my immense gratitude by thanking Dr. DeSimone, Mrs. DeSimone and his staff for awarding me this wonderful scholarship. I am a fist year Trombone Performance major in combination with a Materials Engineering major at the University of Florida. I plan to complete my music major, and pursue my passion for the Trombone so that I can increase my level of playing and one day play in a professional orchestra. As an aspiring materials engineer, I am interested in joining the aerospace industry specifically through additive manufacturing because I believe that 3D printing is a revolutionary technology that will impact many lives in the future. Furthermore, I have joined the Gator Swim Club in Gainesville to continue my competitive swimming career as well as keep a healthy lifestyle. The University of Florida is the perfect place for me because it allows me to stay active and be successful in my three passions. Finally, I would like to say that Al DeSimone’s Charity for Champions is a wonderful way to recognize the hard work and effort put in by student athletes to be successful in what they do. I am honored to have been awarded this recognition and I am proud to be a representation of what the Charity for Champion believes in.

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Randy Prato

Personal Achievement Award

I would like to personally thank Dr. Al  DeSimone for awarding me the  Personal Achievement Award scholarship. It’s an honor to have received this scholarship as recognition for my accomplishing personal goals and overcoming adversity. The Charity for Champions Foundation holds a great reputation of providing scholarships to graduating seniors who desire to pursue a higher education, ultimately giving back to their communities. They assist serious students, like myself, a chance at success. Receiving this scholarship will bring me one more step closer to becoming a Biochemist. This scholarship means opportunity to me. It will allow me to pay for college with less debt, therefore, I can focus on my studies as opposed to financial burdens. THANK YOU!!!

Renee Bronson

Team Fellowship Award Honorable Mention  

I was able to play soccer for 14 years, flag football for 4 years and tackle football for 3 years. I did suffer a few injuries during my sports career and thanks to Dr. DeSimone and his wonderful staff I was able to get back up and keep playing. He has been so helpful throughout all my years of playing sports and I can’t wait to be able to help people in any way that I can. I am currently attending Broward College to complete my 2-year degree. After that, I want to transfer schools to work towards my goal of becoming a sign language interpreter so that I can spend my life helping people. I cannot thank you both enough for honoring me with this scholarship. From the bottom of my heart thank you.

Eamonn Fitzgerald

Artistic Achievement Award Honorable Mention  

I would like to start by thanking Dr. Al DeSimone along with Mrs. DeSimone for awarding me the Artistic Achievement Award Honorable Mention scholarship. I am extremely honored to receive this scholarship as recognition for all the hard work I have put toward my education, swimming, and community involvement. You have been a huge inspiration to me through your involvement in the community along with the continuous hard work and dedication to education you have shown over the past years. This upcoming Fall I plan on attending the University of Central Florida, majoring in International and Global Studies and continuing on to law school. This scholarship will aid me in achieving my academic goals so I can later on give back to the community that has provided me so much. I am truly grateful for this recognition and I am excited for what the future holds.

Branden Cabrera

Personal Achievement Award Honorable Mention  

I am currently a Student at the University of Central Florida studying Marketing with the hope to someday go into the advertising field and work for an advertising company. The Charity for Champions Scholarship meant a lot to me because it recognized all the athletes that tried  their  very best  in High  School, but still didn’t get to continue their career in their respective sports. It was an honor just to apply for the Charity for Champions Scholarship, and I am so grateful for the opportunity. I want to Thank Dr. DeSimone as well as Mrs. DeSimone for the amazing scholarship that they offer and for everything they do around the community, they have affected my life in a very positive way and I hope to pass it on.

Brooke Wierda

Personal Achievement Award Honorable Mention  

I will be attending the University of Florida in the Fall of 2017. I am eager to pursue a major in Business Administration and explore other disciplines that my school has to offer. I will continue to carry athletics with me as I plan to play on the club volleyball team, and minor in an aspect of Sports Management. DeSimone’s Charity for Champions scholarship is very dear to me as it honors my love for sport and motivation to pursue in the classroom in one scholarship. I am humbled to have received the award, and the recognition keeps me hopeful and hungry for the future. I hope to continue making an impact in Gainesville, and share my love for the game with even more people.

Patrick Casey

Goodwill Scholarship Honorable Mention  

I am attending the Florida Gulf Coast University, I plan on declaring my major in communication. I plan to get a job in either radio or TV entertainment, such as sports broadcasting and commentating on games. The support I will be receiving from Dr. DeSimone’s Charity for Champions helps me realize that there are people who believe and care for others. His generosity towards others has shown me that if they can do it, I can do it and so can anyone else!

Robbie Felix

Lightning Award  

Words can’t describe the amount of joy I feel by receiving this award. It truly represents all of the 8:00 A.M. workouts and 90 degrees practices outside with no clouds in sight. These are the fields where everyday me and my teammates worked hard everyday to achieve the goals we had set for ourselves. These times truly made me the man that I am today and with this award I will be putting it towards paying for my tuition and books in order to further my education at  Florida International University; so that I one day can achieve my dream job in joining the medical field. It has been a long journey filled with many bumps in the road, but I’m still here striving to achieve all of the crazy aspirations I have set for myself. Without my friends and family I wouldn’t have received this award. I would like to give a special shout out to Ravi Bhatia, Tyler Dix, William Malone, Francisco Perez, Antwan Offord, and Coach Guandolo and many others for helping me along this journey and preparing me for the next chapter in my life. Last but not least, thank you Dr. DeSimone for this amazing opportunity. I hope to one day make an impact on the young minds the way you have on me and many others. This act of selflessness will never be forgotten, God bless and take care.

Richard Larin

Team Fellowship Award Honorable Mention  

This scholarship reminds me of what I was able to accomplish in my sport. I went from being cut from my high school team to getting committed to a university and receiving scholarships for my sport. Although I was given the opportunity to continue baseball in college, I have chosen to go to FIU to begin my studies in the fields of finance and business.

Jason Dooling

Team Fellowship Award

I would like to thank Charity for Champions for the amazing opportunity they have presented me. I would also like to thank Dr. DeSimone for helping fix my shoulder and allowing me to continue to play the game I love. I plan to continue to work hard inside the classroom and on the field and work towards a successful future. I will make the best of my time at Lehigh and enjoy playing the best sport in the world for another four years. This scholarship means a lot to me and I am extremely thankful to receive such a great opportunity.

Andrew White

Personal Achievement Award

Thank you so much for recognizing me for the Personal Achievement Award.  I am attending the University of Notre Dame and plan to major in Business/Pre-Med. I have always believed in dedication and setting my goals high.  This recognition confirms the idea that hard work and perseverance does matter, and I really appreciate this honor.