Scholarship Opportunities

Athletic Achievement Award

Will be granted to the senior whose team participation demonstrated leadership skills and sportsmanship on and off the field.

Academic Achievement Award

Will be granted to the senior who has demonstrated excellence in all educational disciplines. It is that individual who has the desire to achieve the highest level of academia.

Personal Achievement Award

To be presented to the senior who has shown commitment, dedication and perseverance in accomplishing their personal goals as well as overcoming adversity.

Team Fellowship Award

Will be given to the senior who understands the importance of companionship and teamwork by sharing a common goal.

Artistic Achievement Award

In recognition of the individual who shows a strong desire to participate in the arts.

Medical Interest Award

In Recognition of the individual who demonstrates a keen interest in Medicine.

Extraordinary Community Service Award

To be presented to the individual who actively participates in Community Service.

Most Improved Athlete Award

In Recognition as Most Improved Athlete through Persistence and Determination.

Goodwill Scholarship

In Recognition of Constant Goodwill Demonstration through Devotion and Kindness.

Merit Grants

Merit grants are awarded to individual youth athletes of note within the community.