Gabriella Carter

Academic Achievement Award Winner

I would like to thank this foundation and anyone who made this scholarship possible: its supporters, donors, judges, and especially Dr. DeSimone. Words cannot describe how much I appreciate the fact that this foundation believes in me and my capacity to succeed, especially since I didn’t believe in myself at one point. Managing my non-profit organization, Black Women’s Student Union, and Helping Overcome Problems Effectively Club along with the rigor of the International Baccalaureate Program, AP Classes, and  my captaincy in Varsity Softball, Track and Field, and Cross Country molded me into a strong individual ready to continue my career as a student-athlete at Princeton University. I cannot express how greatly this scholarship will help me in pursuing my secondary education to become a forensic accountant, and I’m fortunate enough to continue my athletic career at Princeton as a member of their varsity Track and Field Team. I will forever cherish the kind words and advice that Charity for Champions, particularly Dr. DeSimone, has bestowed upon me. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Maria Lyanna Amon

Sports Medicine Interest Award Honorable Mention

I would like to say thank you to everyone who supported me on this long journey, especially my family and coaches. I could not have gotten this far without their undying love or uplifting words to push me to become better than the person I was yesterday. This scholarship is a representation of all the goodness that came out of playing varsity volleyball for four years, as well as all the difficulties that came along with balancing the sport I love and the community I thrive in. This scholarship means a great deal not only to me but also to my parents because they have sacrificed so much in order for me to accomplish my goals. As for my future, the money will aid my expenses for attending Nova Southeastern University as I pursue a major in Exercise and Sports Science. In addition, the recognition will act as a constant reminder to do what I love and to always push for something greater.

Andrea Gonzalez

Artistic Achievement Award Winner

As a graduate from high school now, I would like to continue my studies at Broward College on the first 2 years. Then, I will like to transfer to UF, with the major of civil engineering or architecture. This award recognition was a pleasure to me because I was able to see what I was capable of, this means when it comes to what I really want I can get to it just pushing hard for it.

Monica Fortin

Academic Achievement Award Honorable Mention

I’m extremely grateful for what Dr. Simone and all the staff of Charity for Champions has done for me and multiple other athletes. Receiving this recognition means a lot to me. It gives me confidence as I move forward to this next step in my life. I will be attending the University of Florida planning on majoring on environmental engineering with the hopes of later attending veterinary school. I’m aiming to obtain a career in veterinary medicine specialized in wildlife.

Juan Agudelo

Academic Achievement Award Honorable Mention

First and foremost, I would like to thank Dr. and Mrs. DeSimone for giving me this opportunity. I appreciate their generosity as it is example of their considerate character. Being granted this scholarship did not only financially help me but it also gave me the moral support that my achievements are worth recognition. In the fall, I will be attending Amherst College in Massachusetts. I plan to double major in Economics and Political Science in preparation for law school.

Henok Germain

Personal Achievement Award

I plan on majoring in Accounting and graduate within 4 years with several academic accolades. I hope to also get the chance to tryout and play football once again. The recognition of earning this scholarship means a lot to me; and it will allow me to tell my story as motivation to others that have faced similar adversities that I have faced. I would like to thank Dr. and Mrs. DeSimone and the Charity of Champions Organization for this great recognition and opportunity to develop into the young man I aspire to become. Thank You and God Bless.  

Amanda Cruz

Personal Achievement Award Honorable Mention

I would like to thank Dr. DeSimone and the Charity staff for selecting me for this award. I was honored with the Personal Achievement Award Honorable Mention. I plan to further my education at Davidson College in North Carolina, where I wish to major in Chemistry and minor in Neuroscience. I also plan to still stay involved in playing Flag Football at my school. I would like to once again thank Charity for Champions for choosing me and aiding me in pursuing my dreams.

Joseph Courcelle

Team Fellowship Award Honorable Mention

I am currently attending Broward College. During this past summer I took 2 general education classes to achieve my AS degree in Emergency Medical Service (EMS). Currently I am enrolled in Broward College’s EMT program, after this semester I will be in Broward College’s 3 semester paramedics program. The scholarship means a lot, I’ve always been a part of sports and am usually considered to be one of the team leaders. As a leader you never look for gratification, but when this opportunity showed itself I jumped on it. The scholarship will help pay for my EMT classes.

Karla Delgado

Personal Achievement Award Honorable Mention

I am more than honored to have been awarded the Personal Achievement Award Honorable Mention. My biggest aspiration in life is to be better than what I was yesterday. I have always tried to stay involved in my community and school and of course athletics. I will be continuing my studies and athletic career at Broward College. I plan on majoring in criminal justice and continuing my studies in law. Charity for Champions scholarships gives recognition to students who excel both in academics and athletics which is not a simple task. This scholarship proved to me that my hard work and dedication, as well as other’s students, was not taken for granted but yet acknowledged. Thank you, Dr. Simone and board members, for helping us get to that road to success.

Ryan Marek

Athletic Achievement Award Honorable Mention

My future plans are to play college lacrosse and graduate from St. Leo University with a degree in cyber security with a minor in business. I will be using these skills to try and help me get into the FBI. I plan on joining R.O.T.C at my school. What this scholarship means to me is that I feel much better about going to college. Having extra room to save some of my own money. I’m honored and blessed I got this opportunity to win a scholarship. I couldn’t have done it without my friends and family.

Jaime Lasso

Artistic Achievement Award Honorable Mention

First off, I would like to thank Dr. Al DeSimone for selecting me for the Charity for Champions Artistic Achievement Award Honorable Mention. It truly means the world to me, that you decided to give me the chance, so I have an opportunity to show my creative and artistic skills. As for future endeavors, I will attend the University of Central Florida in the fall, studying within the Emerging Media branch for Graphic Design. Even though the award is for my art, not my swimming, I still plan to swim regularly, eventually competitively, with the swim team at UCF. The fact that Charity for Champions recognized my passion, and want to succeed in my field of study, makes me feel fantastic and forever grateful. I will hold onto this scholarship with high hopes and dreams to show UCF what my skills are capable of. Once again, i kindly thank al of the people at Charity for Champions for selecting me for the 2018 Charity for Champions honorable mention. P.S. To whoever finds out about the Charity for Champions Scholarship, and you are a student athlete, take a chance and apply. You never know if you could gain something if you do not try.

Morgan Lusk

BCAA Award Winner

First, I would like to thank Dr. DeSimone and his associates for the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing organization. This money will be used to further my education at the United States Coast Guard Academy where I plan to pursue my lacrosse career and major in Government. As a member of the United States Coast Guard, I hope to inspire and help others to receive the opportunities that I have been blessed with as a daughter, sister, Catholic, and student athlete. Being a student athlete has been a challenge that has shaped me into the person I am today. It has taught me to time manage, overcome adversity, and adapt in the moment. The Charity for Champions is a reminder that the years of dedication are hard work do not go unrecognized.

Brandon Latchman

BCAA Award Winner

There were many highly qualified applicants competing for this scholarship yet I was still chosen. I accept this scholarship graciously and wholeheartedly and I’d like to thank the DeSimone family for their contribution to my academic career. Thank you for believing in my abilities, for exemplifying that hard work truly pays off, and ultimately showcasing your selfless acts by giving back to the community. In the near future, I plan on majoring in biology on a  premed  track  at  the  University of Florida  in pursuit  of  attending  medical  school.  Go Gators!  My motivation for entering the medical field is embodied by the quote “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is what are you doing for others” by Dr. Martin Luther King. Finance was a big factor when it came down to my college decision process and this award will help defray the burden of educational expenses on my family and I. To be in this position is an indescribable feeling. Dr. DeSimone and Mrs. DeSimone, you are role models to me and I would like to follow in your footsteps by giving back to my community when I’m older and hopefully as successful as the both of you. Your impact is felt and once again I cannot thank you enough for awarding me as a Charity for Champions Scholarship recipient. This isn’t the end but the beginning of something new, I’d like to stay in touch! Thank you.

Ellen Warrick

BCAA Award Winner

I want to start off by saying thank you to Dr. DeSimone, Mrs. DeSimone, and their team for awarding me with the BCAA Scholar Athlete Award, I am truly amazed that I was recognized. My doubts in winning any scholarships this year really began to become my truth until this one came along, it seemed so perfect for me and I was right. I’d say this scholarship shows me that there are many more joyful moments down the road if you’re willing to put in the work which I am always ready to do. I’m proud to say that I will be Majoring in Biology at the amazing Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University in Tallahassee Florida. I have also made the cheer team for this university, another shining moment in my life. With hard work and dedication my goals are slowly being achieved and one day I will be Dr. Warrick. Once again thank you beyond words to Al DeSimone’s Charity for Champions and all that they continue to do.

Isabella Chiurillo

BCAA Award Winner

Being honored as a Charity for Champion scholar has been a great help to my family and a meaningful award. I have a twin sister and am a first generation college student, so I am extremely grateful to have received this scholarship. I greatly appreciate the Charity for Champion’s board and Dr. Al DeSimone’s efforts to recognize students for both athletic and academic accomplishments, as both soccer and my education have largely played a role in shaping what I want to do in the future. This fall I will be attending the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where I plan on studying biomedical engineering and expanding my education across the world.

Jordan Sylla

BCAA Award Winner

I will be spending the next four years of my life at Florida International University, studying Biomedical Engineering. Engineers are usually seen as mega-minds, but in reality, they are just everyday problem solvers. In everyday life, there continues to be everyday problems and there must be someone in this world to solve these problems to keep the balance. Helping society solve their problems for the greater good of people has interested  me  for a  long  time  and that is what I will be doing. I would like to thank Dr. Al DeSimone

Kyle Anthony Kaufman

BCAA Award Winner

Being selected as a recipient of the Personal Achievement Award from the Charity for Champions organization is truly an honor and one of the highlights of my high school years. This scholarship will play a huge role in my future education at the University of Florida where I will begin in Fall, majoring in mathematics. It was not easy graduating with my Associates degree while still in high school, especially since I was varsity cheer captain, student government vice president, and in several AP classes, but I will say it was worth all the time, stress, and efforts. I cannot thank Dr. DeSimone, Mrs. DeSimone, and everyone else involved enough for recognizing and supporting students like me who try to be the best versions of themselves both on and off the field.

Chloe Tannenbaum

Personal Achievement Award Honorable Mention

I will be attending the University of Connecticut for the next four years to continue my education and academic interest in the field of sports medicine. I will be focusing my studies on Kinesiology in hopes of one day becoming an orthopedic doctor. In addition, I am planning on getting involved with the Athletic Training program at UConn, and any research the Kinesiology program has to offer. I would like to thank Dr. DeSimone and the Charity for Champions team for honoring me with the Personal Achievement Award Honorable Mention, which has contributed both to my future academics financially and motivationally. I am more then blessed for the opportunity to studying what I am most passionate about at this University and am extremely grateful for the support of Charity for Champions.