Celine Rodriguez

Team Fellowship Award Honorable Mention

To further my education, I will be attending the University of Central Florida in the summer. I intend on majoring in psychology, becoming involved in school clubs, and joining the UCF swim team! I appreciate the recognition that I have received through the Team Fellowship Award, presented to me on my Senior Awards night. I am so humbled to know that my commitment and dedication to teamwork on the swim team is being honored. Needless to say, these qualities as an athlete will follow me in college and beyond.

Sean Biava

Athletic Achievement Award

I am very grateful for not only the time Dr. DeSimone has spent getting to know me, but also his contribution to my future. Furthermore, the scholarship has provided me with the boost in confidence and resources that I will need to continue my life long pursuit of education and excellence. I currently plan to dual major in Physics and Chemical Engineering at the University of Florida before going on to obtain my masters at another university.

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Annelyse Juin

Athletic Achievement Award Honorable Mention

The next step on my journey is The University of Florida where I will be majoring in Animal Science. My passion for horses inspires me to one day become an Equine Chiropractor and start my own horse rescue. My goal is to move to California after college and work off their race tracks and with other sport horses. Although I will not be competing on their collegiate team, I plan to continue running and doing high jump on UF’s club track & field team! I look forward to starting my next chapter as a Gator!

Martin Pilipiak

Athletic Achievement Award Honorable Mention

After graduation from West Broward High School, I am now attending the University of Florida where I’m studying finance. I’m grateful to Charity for Champions for this scholarship which has shown me that working hard in the things I strive to succeed in, sports and my education, will pay off. Although I will not be playing for the University of Florida soccer team throughout my four years of college I will be joining intramural sports teams to continue to play sports on a competitive level. Gaining recognition for my accomplishments in high school has helped me tremendously by teaching me to continue to work hard in the future.

Jessica Tayon

Athletic Achievement Award Honorable Mention

I will be attending the University of Florida where I will major in nutrition. My long term goal is to be accepted into medical school and to become an obstetrician. I feel truly honored and humbled to be personally recognized and financially rewarded by Dr. Al DeSimone’s Charity for Champion Scholarship. It is nice to know that my hard fork, sweat, and determination were recognized. The scholarship signifies to me the end of a great athletic experience in high school; however, it also marks the start of a promising academic career in college. Thank you Dr. DeSimone, Sasha, and the foundation for your kindness and generosity!

Michael Velez

Academic Achievement Award Winner

I am looking forward to studying astronomy and astrophysics at Cornell University. My interests require me to anticipate continuing my education on a PhD track, beyond the bachelor’s degree I’m about to pursue. I am very grateful to have been honored with this scholarship as it will help to make my college education much more affordable. The recognition is also appreciated because it represents a celebratory culmination of my years of hard work throughout high school!

David Vanderbilt

Academic Achievement Award Honorable Mention

This fall, I plan to attend the University of Florida and study something in the field of medicine or engineering, hopefully entering a graduate program in the university as well. I am so grateful to Dr. DeSimone for giving me the opportunity to receive this scholarship. I am glad that my academic and athletic efforts in high school did not go unnoticed. The money will be a huge help in purchasing books for my upcoming classes, and it will help me further my academic career.

Nicole Zebegret

Academic Achievement Award Honorable Mention

It’s an honor to have received the Academic Achievement Award Honorable Mention from “Charity of Champions.”  The scholarship will be put to good use at Florida State University, where I will begin classes this summer.  I am so excited to be attending FSU and starting a new chapter in my life as a young independent woman. I am seeking a Bachelor’s degree in Biological Science.  My goal is to continue on to the medical school and become a doctor.

Lizbett Cordero

Personal Achievement Award Winner

Receiving the scholarship was a success that I will always remember. It reminded me that no matter how difficult the obstacle one encounters in life is, there is so much more wisdom gained as one walks through the arduous path. It’s a great honor to announce that I plan on attending the United States Coast Guard Academy with a conditional year at Marion Military Institute. Then I will be able to serve as Commission Officer in the United States Coast Guard. I am grateful to know that not only am I a first generation high school graduate, but that I will be one of the first in my family to go to college. Al DeSimone’s Charity has encouraged so many students, as myself, to believe in themselves and to not give up in their dreams. Because of Dr.DeSimone, we are all rewarded with success.

Caitlyn Campi

Personal Achievement Award Honorable Mention

I am extremely grateful to have received Al DeSimone’s Charity for Champions scholarship. The Personal Achievement Award means a lot to me, since I have overcame many things in my High school experience and I couldn’t be more appreciative of the recognition awarded to me. It feels good to know that you have accomplished what you set out to do. I came in to High school weeks after losing a parent, and was able to gain the strength to keep me going. I have worked hard and managed to maintain good grades and GPA. Cheerleading was a huge commitment in high school, but I learned how to work with a team, and achieve a goal that was set out for us. I couldn’t be more excited to be attending the University of Central Florida this summer. Thank you again to my family, friends, and coaches that helped me these past 4 years, and once again to Al DeSimone’s Charity for Champions for this recognition and funding. Thank you so much again!

Whitney Johnson

Team Fellowship Award Winner

I am truly blessed to have received the Team Fellowship Award from the Dr. Al DeSimone Charity for Champions foundation. As a member of the West Broward High School swim team and captain, I made a point of creating a support system for my teammates. If a teammate needed help, I was there. If a teammate was doing a race, I made sure that everyone on the swim team that was not swimming was cheering for them. I wanted to make sure that none of my teammates ever felt alone. Being a compassionate teammate was gratifying. Never once did I think that I would be receiving any recognition for it.  I am truly humbled. After graduating high school, I will begin studying Marketing at the University of Florida. I will also continue to swim on the club team there. This scholarship has placed some much needed financial relief on my family, and will help me pay for books and other things that I may need. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Dr. DeSimone and the Charity for Champions foundation.

Brianna Kennedy

Artistic Achievement Award Winner

This scholarship means more than words to me. With this I am able to attend my dream college and receive the tools necessary to pursue my dream of becoming an entertainment news anchor. I plan to graduate with a Bachelors degree in electronic journalism at the University of Central Florida, and move on to another university to receive my masters.