Ryan Scanlon

Personal Achievement Award Winner

Thank you very much for awarding me this incredible scholarship for the Personal Achievement Award. I am very grateful to Charity for Champions for all of their charitable work. I plan on attending Villanova University in the Fall and majoring in Communications with hope of one day working in sports broadcasting. This award is very special to my heart. I was born with a stroke resulting in right side weakness. I had consistent battles on the sports field with my “disability”. Through perseverance and hard work, I was unfazed by my challenges and saw no difference compared to my fellow athletes. Although I’ve had adversities, I see what I can do better each and every day and the goals I continue to strive for. Being a student athlete was one of the most important things in my life, so I made sure that I excelled in the classroom even before I stepped foot on the field. I am extremely honored to win this award by Charity for Champions and want to thank my family, friends, teachers, coaches and Dr. DeSimone and his organization. Go Wildcats!!!

Alexis McMurray

Artistic Achievement Award Winner

Charity for Champions has become a helpful part of my dream of becoming a fashion designer. My selection for the Artistic Achievement Award brings me a great distance closer to getting my fashion education at Cornell University. I’ve worked hard for a large part of my life to help my family out financially, and Charity for Champions has recognized that! I am a dedicated artist, as well as athlete, and this scholarship will be a memorable moment for me as I progress through school and my career!

Andre Chelle

Goodwill Scholarship Winner

I am very grateful and very honored to have been chosen for the goodwill scholarship. I would like to thank Dr. DeSimone and Charity for Champions Foundation for awarding me this scholarship. Being in the Cross Country team for four years was a huge commitment in time and efforts for the team, the coach and myself. It means a lot to me to be recognized for this commitment. The money I have received from this scholarship will help me to fulfill my goal of working in the aviation industry as it will go towards my education. I plan on attending the University of Florida this fall, studying Business Marketing as a major with a minor in innovation.

Danielle Strauss

Academic Achievement Award Winner

I am sincerely honored to be the recipient of the Academic Achievement Award. Thank you Dr. DeSimone and Charity for Champions for your generosity and support for student-athletes! I will be attending the University of Florida to major in Computer Science. This scholarship will not only help me with the expense of college, but also demonstrates that your efforts on and off the field matter.

Canaan Kimball

Athletic Achievement Award Winner

The Charity for Champions scholarship means so much to me because I feel honored to represent an organization that recognizes leadership. The award encourages me to continue to develop leadership skills as I advance in my career as a student-athlete. I plan to push myself to become the best player I can be on the field but especially in the classroom while I am at Lehigh. I want to come out of college with my Engineering and Business degree while having developed more leadership qualities to apply to my future.

Caim Strickland

Academic Achievement Award Honorable Mention

I am very grateful and honored to be selected as a recipient of the Academic Achievement Award Honorable Mention. This scholarship means a lot to me as a student athlete because of what Charity for Champions stands for. Charity for champions represents education, leadership, determination, and sportsmanship. These are values I strive to exhibit in my own life, and it means a lot to me to be recognized for them. I plan to continue to instill and embody these same values as I further my education at Florida State University. I want to thank my family, teachers, coaches, and most of all God for providing me with this opportunity to receive this scholarship and money. I hope to put this scholarship money to good use as I pursue a career in the fields of business or engineering.

Julia Stone

Team Fellowship Award Winner

I plan on attending the University of Florida this upcoming fall. I am majoring in applied physiology and kinesiology with intentions of attending physician assistant school in the future. Overall, my goal is to enter the medical field where I can better the lives of those around me and solidify my purpose in this world. This scholarship will help me obtain these future goals with less of a financial burden. My major requires many rigorous classes that will consume a substantial amount of my time. That being said this scholarship will help provide me time to focus on these classes and open more doors for my future. Thank you for supporting me and my future.

Gabriella Garcia

Medical Interest Award Honorable Mention

I was honored to receive the Medical Interest Award Honorable Mention. This award means the start of my future and what I would like to accomplish. The award resembles my interest in the medical field and my strong desire to become a Physician Assistant after completing my Health Science BS degree at the University of Central Florida. I plan to work in different health environments to gain experience and work with children during my undergrad to prepare for PA school. I am so honored to have received this scholarship, it brings me encouragement and hopes for my future as I know it will not be easy but with my passion to help others and make a difference, I will be able to achieve my dreams, all starting with this award. Thank you.

Megan Meese

Extraordinary Community Service Award Winner

We all reside in the product of our work and our passions. Being a high-achieving student and dedicated athlete are hallmarks of my pre-collegiate years. Similarly, my dedication to service defines who I am. Being acknowledged for my efforts to make a difference in the world with the Extraordinary Community Service Award is such a meaningful honor. I was not expecting the process of being interviewed for the award to have an impact on me, but it did. Through their recognition of my potential and thoughtful support of my goals, the panel bolstered me and offered insights that could help me pursue my dream of working in human rights policy at an international nonprofit organization. As an incoming first-year student in the Honors Program, the University Research Scholars Program, and the International Scholars Program at the University of Florida, I am about to embark on the next step in this journey. My International Studies major is an interdisciplinary course of study that combines anthropology, economics, history, political science, and sociology to cultivate global competency. Fascination with these subjects and my desire to help others inspired my goals. A Pre-Law curriculum was not something I had initially considered, but my conversation with the Charity for Champions committee highlighted that it could be a pathway that strengthens what I can achieve in my humanitarian pursuits. Receiving this scholarship from the Charity for Champions will enable me to take advantage of the experiential opportunities, like internships and abroad programs, that will enhance my understanding of the breadth of opportunities available to me in my field and where I desire to have an impact.

Justin Abson

Athletic Achievement Award Honorable Mention

My future plans are to graduate from Appalachian State with a degree in Accounting and Finance, if I have the blessing to play professional basketball somewhere I will gladly take the opportunity, but if not I’ll like to become an accountant for a company.